How it Started

When I was 12, I found a blank ledger book. It was a treasure beyond treasure to me. I debated and debated about what to do with it - it had to be something special. Finally I decided to make a list of things I wanted to do and places I wanted to see in my life and then cross them off when I had accomplished them. At first they were simple things, but soon I was adding dramatic things, impossible things, but things still worth dreaming about. Oddly enough, putting them on the list somehow made them attainable. I have kept the book and updated the list my entire life. Here is the story behind some of the entries - successes and failures, embarrassing and proud moments, laughter and tears - the ridiculous to the sublime!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ride on a Submarine - DID IT

It was a recreational submarine - not a military one nor a Disneyland ride.  This was on Grand Cayman Island.  It was a real submarine and you can see by the depth gauge that we actually submerged.  Once down there, we puttered around the reef and watched fish, some scuba divers, and a large turtle swim by. Everyone had a window seat.  I am a bit claustrophic and the thought of being underwater in a tube made me very nervous, but I did it, eventually I relaxed and enjoyed it.
Steve served onboard submarines in the US Navy and I had an opportunity to tour his sub when it came out of the yard and before it sailed for parts unknown.  Even though it never submerged while I was aboard, I was still bothered by claustrophobia in the tight confines.  His tours of duty lasted 3 months underwater without seeing dry land - well, actually without seeing anything but the inside of the sub. He did four tours while I waited onshore in Groton, Connecticut.  He rated the recreational sub as little more than an amusement park ride, but it was enough for me to check it off my list.

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