How it Started

When I was 12, I found a blank ledger book. It was a treasure beyond treasure to me. I debated and debated about what to do with it - it had to be something special. Finally I decided to make a list of things I wanted to do and places I wanted to see in my life and then cross them off when I had accomplished them. At first they were simple things, but soon I was adding dramatic things, impossible things, but things still worth dreaming about. Oddly enough, putting them on the list somehow made them attainable. I have kept the book and updated the list my entire life. Here is the story behind some of the entries - successes and failures, embarrassing and proud moments, laughter and tears - the ridiculous to the sublime!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Go Skinny-Dipping - DID IT

This is one of those things I probably wouldn't have done if it wasn't on the list. My best friend in school lived on a quiet suburban lake. On summer evenings after the sun went down, the lake seemed extra warm and inviting. We would sneak out and go for a swim in the moonlight sans bathing suits.  Her mother disapproved and said that it was immoral for girls to be outdoors without clothing.  So we went to the Goodwill and bought HATS!  We foo-fooed our hats with elaborate decorations.  Hers was a fedora with a cluster of red cherries and a polka dot bow.  Mine was a wide-brimmed, Greta Garbo style picture-frame hat with a large fabric rose and a 15-inch long Ostrich plume (the Queen of England wishes she had a hat this cool!)  I'm sure it won't surprise anyone to know I still have the hat!

We thought we were so brave and daring.  Then one night a blinding spotlight caught us in its beam, pinning us in the water.  A neighbor kid had discovered our little adventure and I guess was hoping for a better look.  It got really cold stuck in the water for nearly an hour before he gave up and switched the light off.  We couldn't yell at him for fear of attracting the attention of all of the neighbors, so we were stuck making threatening gestures in the spotlight - not very effective when you are also trying to remain submerged up to your neck.  You know who you are, Tim K.!!!

My sister has a vacation spot on a secluded lake in Oregon.  Guests there are known to take a suitless swim after dark (and after a couple jugs of  homemade Yucka - stay tuned for more on the magic of Yucka in a later post!), but they no longer refer to it as "skinny dipping."  These days they call it "chunky dunking" - for obvious reasons!

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